Dear Guests and Sponsors of THQH8,
During the past two months, the Organizing Committee (BTC) of THQH8 has been promoting the poster of this fundraising event to support the construction of the Tuoi Hac Village campus of care. The music program featuring the five singers, Thanh Lan, Trinh Nam Son, Tran Thu Ha, Dinh Bao and Ngoc Mai has been widely supported in our community.
However, recently we received news from Ngoc Mai that she could not attend this event due to personal reasons. Therefore, we have invited singer Huong Thuy to her place. We sincerely apologize for this change, especially to the audience who bought tickets or sponsored to listen to Ngoc Mai.
We would like to share with you a new poster with the current lineup of musical acts, whose vocals can be extended to many genres of music. Please continue to support this wonderful and meaningful concert.