Frequently Asked Questions

GAVE (Golden Age Village for the Elderly) has purchased the plot of land and villa at 11088 Pine Valley Vaughan, a part of the Greenbelt region. What has GAVE done with this plot to support the planned construction project to build a long term care home?

Building a senior long-term care home for the Vietnamese community is a large-scale project, and because of jurisdiction, to have all three levels of government (municipal, provincial, and federal) support us financially, GAVE has to own a physical property to demonstrate our commitment and resolve in this project. Golden Age Village at 11088 Pine Valley is physical proof of value to expressing the determination of the Vietnamese Canadian community.

In the past 6 years, our board of directors has worked closely with federal, provincial, and municipal offices to advance land settlement for GAVE. Our board of directors will continue to keep GAVE’s location at 11088 Pine Valley in Vaughan as a centre for community activities and community associations, as well as a place to welcome authorities and request their support in our project.

Due to real estate prices rising throughout the GTA, the value of this plot of land will contribute a financial part to GAVE’s construction project.

How has the lobbying with government authorities been so far?

Since GAVE has acquired a large property proportionately scaled to the size our project, government of all levels are willing to support and fund our construction project. Meanwhile, our board of directors have also directly approached public elected officials for their support. Aside from that, our project doesn’t only serve the Vietnamese community, it will also serve seniors of all communities, which is currently a great priority of the Canadian government addressing their senior housing crisis. Because of that, we believe one way or another, all levels of government will eventually support our project and bring its vision to reality. 

Our board of directors is currently working very closely with provincial and federal government, especially the Ontario Ministry of Long Term Care and Ministry of Seniors & Accessibility. We have also welcomed the collaboration of two companies: Stonebridge Financial, in the funding of construction, and UniversalCare Canada Inc. during the first stages of administration of a new long-term care facility for LDL.

Once Golden Age Village for the Elderly's senior care residence construction is complete and in operation, what will the operational model be like? Will it be the same as the Golden Age Manor in Edmonton?

Since Ontario’s Law and Government budget and federal support for the elderly is the same as for those in Alberta, the model of fundraising, applying for funding, building, living and operating Golden Age Village Ontario will be similar to the location in Edmonton.

Once Golden Age Village is formed and put into operation, the GAVE model will include two main services:

 1. Long-term Care / Nursing Home Services: This Long-term Service is not just for the elderly, but for all those who need full-time health care. GAVE cannot accept you directly but you will have to be registered with public health facilities (LHIN / CCAC) to have them referred to GAVE.

GAVE will be a place for living and resting in a close-knit, clean, safe, comfortable environment, with friends who can speak Vietnamese and be cared for and supported by a team of nurses, doctors and staff. The diet of the elderly living in GAVE will not only have familiar Vietnamese dishes, but also will be consulted by specialists, nutritionists to build a menu of meals that ensure adequate nutrients for the health of the elderly.

2. Designated Assisted Living & Independent Living: GAVE will be a cozy place for the elderly who want to live independently but also have the care and attention of their doctor and nurse if needed. GAVE will also have activities based on themes and holidays to connect people so them don’t feel lonely or lacking when living away from family.

What is GAVE's strategy in the next two years?

To date, GAVE has already recruited an architecture firm to start the development of the conceptual design for the construction of GAVE’s Campus of Care.