The Ontario government has put forth a funding model of $1.75 billion over the next 5 years to accelerate construction projects for additional long term care homes and beds that would provide quality care to seniors. Facilities will be updated with modern design standards that include air conditioning for any new and renovated long term care homes, effective immediately.

“After inheriting 15 years of underinvestment in long-term care and a massive waitlist of seniors, our government is putting forward bold new solutions to turbo charge the development of long-term care beds across the province and ensure our most vulnerable citizens can live in modern surroundings,” said Premier Ford. “That’s why our new funding model will not only encourage new beds to be built faster, but also upgrade existing older homes to meet high quality design standards, with features like air conditioning and private or semi-private rooms. Our seniors deserve nothing less.”


With this new initiative, at GAVE, we will continue with our construction project for a long-term care residence with further subsidy and support from the Ontario government moving forward. Learn more about GAVE’s construction project here.