City Council recently passed a motion that will support long-term care in the city of Brampton.

The motion, seconded by Councillor Jeff Bowman, was in support of Golden Age Village for the Elderly Ontario (GAVE), who were seeking support from city of Brampton to endorse a 5-acre city land parcel to build a Campus of Care facility at 8950 McLaughlin Rd. with two buildings; a 160-bed modern Long Term Care Home and a 140-unit Affordable Senior Housing.

GAVE’s mission is to help address the serious housing crisis in Ontario for seniors and “to provide independent living and long-term care to foster a happy, healthy, and fulfilling lifestyle for the Vietnamese seniors and others through diverse cultural, heritage, religious and social activities.”

At the council meeting on Wednesday, February 19, 2020, a report noted the importance of these long-term care facilities in Brampton.

“It is planned and designed to be modern, digital, culturally sensitive and would welcome not just the Vietnamese community but also other communities with different ethnic backgrounds to foster inter-generational connections, multi-cultural celebration and community diversity,” stated the report.

According to the report, between 2006 and 2016, the number of Vietnamese descent in Brampton and Mississauga grew by 73.5% from 12,060 to 20,930 compared to a general population growth of 51.1%.

The report also stated that between 2006 and 2016, the community grew fastest in Brampton (111.1%) compared to Mississauga (59.9%).

In terms of the socio-economic impacts of this facility, the report noted that this project would enable job creation in the city of Brampton.

“The project will create approximately 70 jobs or 280 person-years in project management, project consultants, construction workers, transportation workers, IT professionals, project support personnel, contractors, engineers, architects, LTC specialists, etc.,” stated the report.

“The project expenditure on machinery, equipment, health and IT vendors, services and administration will have direct impact on other sectors of Brampton’s economy: capital project jobs will spend money on a variety of goods and services,” added the report.

The report also noted that the total GAVE project cost estimate would be $50M for the Long-Term Care Home with 160 LTC beds and $35M for Affordable Seniors’ Housing with 140 units and some level of assisted support.

After passing the motion, Councillor Martin Medeiros said in a tweet, “This motion demonstrates The City of Brampton has committed to supporting long term care and increasing economic development in our community.”

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