Pictures of our Open House at presenting our new Board of Directors on Feb 15-2014

GAVE at Tet Festival February 2013

Pictures of our first meeting ever to build the Golden Age Village for the Elderly(GAVE)

GAVE at Tet Festival on Jan 18-2014

Our first Tai Chi class for our Seniors at the centre on May 25, 2014.

Pictures of the 5.6 acre property GAVE bought on October 18,2013

Tiếng Hạc Quê Hương 2 ngày 22/8/2015

Fundraising Campaign "Niềm Tin và Hy Vọng/Belief and Hope" on Mar 23, 2014 atPicMilan Banquet Hall

Buổi Hội Thoại ngày 22/11/2015

2015 March 28 Dinner & Dance Gala

Lunar New Year Party (22/2/2015)

Picnic at The Golden Age Village on 5/9/2015

Dr. Tường Vân's speech (6/12/2014)

Visiting Vietnamese Association, Toronto

Hon. Bill Walker, Owen Sound MPP visits GAVE - Oct 20, 2014

Hon. Steven Del Duca - Vaughan MPP visits GAVE (Oct 10, 2014)

Picnic at BadLands Oct-5-2014

Meeting the Mayor and his staff at Vaughan City Hall on 2014 September 26

Đại Nhạc Hội "Tiếng Hạc Quê Hương" - September 13 2014

Senator Thanh Hai Ngo visits GAVE

Fundraising event at Kitchener Waterloo -- July 05, 2014

Buổi Tiếp Tân Tại Cơ Sở LDL Tuổi Hạc 15/02/2014

Đệ Nhất Chu Niên 15/09/2013

Lễ Cầu Siêu tại Bia Đá Đen - 17/08/2013

Fundraising Campaign - 15/06/2013

Golden Age Village in Edmonton