About Us


The Golden Age Village for the Elderly (GAVE), incorporated as a not-for-profit entity in April 2013 and registered with the CRA as a charity in November 2014, was established with the fundamental objective to build and maintain a Senior Residence catering to the cultural, psychosocial and unique dietary needs for approximately 100,000 Vietnamese Canadian in the Greater Toronto Area. Undoubtedly, the 50 million-project will also be a major source of constructional and socio-medical employment, and expansion of related ancillary services within the City of Vaughan and the Greater Toronto Area.

GAVE seeks to help address a serious housing crisis for seniors in Ontario, which is a national concern. More than 600 Vietnamese-Canadian seniors are on our waiting list. The project – to be built in the City of Vaughan — is expected to be completed in three to five years (by year 2017-2019).


Many of today’s Vietnamese-Canadian seniors arrived in Canada at a fairly advanced age, and unfortunately continue to experience great difficulties with cultural adaptation. In a generic seniors home setting their specific needs are not addressed. Loneliness and frustration often lead to depression, psychiatric crisis, and psychosomatic difficulties. Regrettably, to this date there are no seniors’ residences in Ontario that address and accommodate the needs of Vietnamese-Canadian seniors.

Current Goals

First and foremost, we plan to continue with our fund-raising activities. We are also constantly looking to recruit and train volunteers.

For our Seniors, we plan to facilitate and co-ordinate interpretation services, caretaking visits, and host more activities. Our currently hosted activities include: meditation classes, tai-chi classes, healthy cooking classes, picnics, meetings, holiday celebrations, and geriatric related workshops.

In order to construct the Seniors Residence, we must work through the proper channels. This involves re-zoning, getting construction permits, and applying for matching funds from the government.


Raised almost 2 million dollars through fund-raising activities. We have organized many fund-raising events, including lunches, dinners and musical concerts.

Bought 5.7 acres of land with a 6000 sqft home in Vaughan, which is now being used as our office and Golden Age Village Club, centre for activities for our Seniors.

We have received vocal support from all 3 levels of government. Prime Minister Stephen HarperSenator Thanh Hai Ngo (1)(2)Minister Steven Del DucaPremier Kathleen WynneHon. Maurizio Bevilacqua, and Minister Yasir Naqvi have all expressed support for the GAVE.

Board of Directors


  Ven. Thích Thiện Tâm                Lan Nguyen                  David Dieu Huu Pham

              Chair                                Vice President                      Vice President

                                                    of External Affairs                of Internal Affairs



 Tanya Thanh-Nha Nguyen                                      Simon Tran

      Secretary General                                     Deputy Secretary General



      Linh Nguyen                                                             Margaret Chan

        Treasurer                                                              Deputy Treasurer